All I Got Is Lemons

I have had beaucoup opportunities in life to practice the making lemons out of  pre-Beyoncé lemonade. (Side note: how can you say QB doesn’t run the world when her name gets autocorrected?).


Right now, all I got is a bunch of lemons, though and Beyoncé can’t help with this sour bunch. So I am going old school on them and not fighting their sourness or bitterness by sweetening them up in a pitcher full of summer refreshment. Nope. They came with the bitter, they tried with the sour, so here it comes right back.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 18.44.18

Making Lemons:  You thought you came for me?  I just put time on the calendar to deal with your craziness. All you projects bout to be done, son.


Housekeeping Lemons:  You saw what happened when Dolly Maids came for you over the weekend, right?  Act up again and see what happens.

Russell Sucks
Big Farty Menace!

Pet Lemons:  I ain’t fighting witchu. Your messedupness gives you a pass for everything except chewing up my books and magazines. That crazy is done and I will school you if you do it again  (But probably not because you are all so misaligned/misproportioned and weirdly cute.  But I might, so watch out.)


Fat Lemons:  You have had so much winning these last few work-travel, work-work weeks. Y’all thought you were cute, but surprise!  I hired a trainer today and he HATES you. (And I am too afraid of him not to work to slay you. Plus he ain’t cheap.). Bye-bye!

Sam is suspicious, too.

Stuck Lemons:  Can’t get past you if I don’t make it a priority to do so, or at least get it on the list.  Just met my SCORE mentor, found a good coach, and booked site viewings for next week, so … later for working Make.Do. from my second bedroom.  Spent too much time and money getting all the Wollmeise not to get after it now.


Angry Lemons:  Old friends, you.  To you, I surrender.  There is definitely a place for anger as motivator, and so I will keep all your sour and bitter with me so I can practice putting it to work as a catalyst for forward momentum. Just watch yourself.




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