Got It!

I was thinking – too hard, maybe – about the Little Things, Big Inspiration for this week and, as nostalgia is wont to do, it crept up on me with a vengeance.  I got it.

This week is for #theamazinglarrycox. I posted before about #theamazingmeme teaching us to love reading. But the love of words, that’s all on #theazinglarrycox. The Little Thing was a text message from him I found when I was trying to free up memory on my phone. In it, he encouraged the fam to use the last few weeks before the cold of winter “wiggles in” to find joy in the outside and manage our days in thoughtful ways to carry us through the winter and/or on to the next thing.

That’s Dad in Charleston with me and mom last month. At a BBQ joint. We were the only people of color in the restaurant, which is why he is trying to look hopeful at our meal prospects. #nooffense

The idea of winter and the cold wiggling itself in is something to ponder. That’s what it does, right?  The cold. It is a sneaky little shit. Not like the heat of summer which just don’t give a damn and will full on smoke you. The cold gets up under your covers at night when you’re not looking, nestles right up in the ribbing of your mittens so as to get greater purchase on your wrists, slithers down the gap between sock and boot to torment your toes. See what he did there?

That’s a turn of phrase right there. And that is how my sister and I are in the world as storytellers, each in our own way. Because the words matter, our dad knows that, and uses them as his tools – and taught us to do the same, if not always to get the outcome we want, at least to be heard. Okay. And so. For this Little Friday Eve, big props to #theamazinglarrycox, as his phrase was the little thing I stumbled upon that gave me big inspiration in work and life.  LFE, baby!


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