Nothing Worked

This image via Dogs that Blog says it all.  I was that little pup, hoping for inspiration, if not a meal at Yellow this week.  And I have to say, it started off gangbusters … until I checked my phone … and then went and made it worse by checking my email.  I’m 100% sure I missed out on some inspiration that could have carried me through these next couple of months on a hope cloud.  But life dragged me like #blacktwitter on Justin Timberlake.

The 25% of  Yellow I did experience got me all in my feels and ready to inspire my team, my friends and the world. But, I didn’t get to experience all that came after that morning 25% because … Well, as much as I’d like to blame someone else, I realize that it was my choice to de-prioritize myself so as to  deal with things that were my problems only because no one else wanted to address them when they well and surely could have.   I should have ignored the calls from folks saying, “Oh, sorry, I know you’re on vacation, but …”

Any sentence that starts with those words is coming from the mouth of someone who 100% is not sorry for the ask they’re about to make. Nopety-nope-nope-nope.  So even though I didn’t get to take all the lessons I wanted to from Yellow, I am thankful that in not having the experience I dreamed, I learned a lot about how not to be.  That’s enough.

This is going to be a fun week!

Pet Pic

via Pet Pic — Dogs that Blogs


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