It’s Not Monday Again

Let us rejoice and be glad in the day!

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s been hard to get going this week.  Maybe it’s because this time of year gets me all weird — without the telephone-book sized issue of Seventeen Magazine to get me all geeked for cabled sweaters, new backpacks, and corduroys that will never look on my body the way they do on the models, the impending autumn isn’t as joyful for grownup me as it was for still in high-school-college-grad-school me.

I think that’s Cheryl Tiegs.  I picked a random image so as not to give away my age, but given the fact that I think that’s Cheryl Tiegs … well, that didn’t work, I suppose.


But, here we are. And, so, autumn looms, and it’s honestly my favorite time of year, angst aside.  There are 2-3 weeks in late August/early September when the marigolds and the zinnias and the moss roses rise up against the coming cold with a fierceness of color that takes one’s breath away.  There are days when the morning air is clean and crisp enough to make it seem like each breath is a new start.

I’m looking forward to these last few days of in-the-middling between the hot, hot, hot of August and the settling in to September and beyond.  It starts on this Not Monday — the last one of the summer.  I hope it’s an amazing day!


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