Parsing Home

First, I forgot to post about Little Things/Big Inspiration this week.  I blame the week. It’s had me busy, for real, and today was like that part in the movie where you cover your eyes and just hope the protagonist makes it.

Or that they die quickly and without too much pain, I guess …


I’m sure somebody inspired me this week,  but I can’t right now.  I’ll figure it out with a double post next week. I think there will be Puffins involved.  Largely because this picture keeps popping up in my feed.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 18.15.57
Puffins!  Try to tell me they ain’t cute.  I dare you.  You already lost.

Second, I told someone I had agita today.  Agita.  Who am I?  But that’s the word that fit the situation.  So I found a place away for some quiet contemplation and it came to me just now, the thing to do.  Which is this:  go home.


Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.00.00.png
There’s our little house and our little barn and our big yard.  I miss it!

Home can mean a lot of things. Sometimes I mean it literally, as in my childhood joint at 6600.  Sometimes I mean it as a refuge from the day, where I get to curl up with pets on the seriously scrunched up couch and knit or veg or just scriggle some bellies for a while. Sometimes I mean where my tribe is.  And I’m without one right now — at least IRL.  I need my tribe closer than Facebook and more connected than Instagram allows, because my tribe wasn’t built on a social network, it was built socially, communally and with care.

With my tribe is where I do my best work, live my best self, and make ridiculous mistakes with abandon because I know they’ll get supported, sorted, and scored as good tries. Because my tribe is killer.  And I really miss them right now. I’m not exactly sure what going home to the tribe looks like, but I know I’ll get there somehow, and in the next month, because I have to.  For me.

I’m going to have to untangle a lot of things (literally, as in yarn, and figuratively, as in everything else), make a lot of plans, get organized like it’s my job … but I am sitting here happy right now in the middle of piles of work, piles of clothes, piles of lists and I feel okay, because  the mess is blessed and is here to motivate the jump!

So glad to have the long weekend to think and sort and think some more about returning to my people!  #happylittlefriday


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