One Good, One Bad

So, finally got all the images from the Auntie Crafting Challenge uploaded.  Stay tuned for that story later this weekend.  That’s the good thing.

The bad thing was, I opened my work email today at 9:00am to see 179 unread emails.  A lot of them were Google Alerts, so no big.  But 10 of them were responses to the response a client sent me Friday night that I hadn’t yet seen.  And, those responses  were uplifting and supportive, but also … seriously… I read my emails from top down, so was confused as to why I got messages saying, “You got this” and “This isn’t the worst thing that’s happened”.  And then I got to the client email.

And because I believe for the most part that the universe, the old Gods and new, Gaia, whomever else, are invested in my happiness as a human being because it should lead to me making  a positive  difference in the world while I’m here, I decided to respond to that email with some truth.   I’m not a believer that you can just choose to be happy.

fuck you.jpg
I will caption this for PG-13 consumption:  Screw You.

I have tried that shizz  for days.  But, I do believe you can choose to make a situation into  a moment, respond to that moment, and move on in the eventual PURSUIT of happiness.

As Elsa said, “Let it go!”

It takes practice, though, and I am a novice.  A green belt, at best.

So, I sent my response and closed down my work email for today.  I even set up an OOTO message that said I was too busy working to stop working on the stuff I’m working on to work on the stuff you’re emailing me about working on so SYR and have a nice Saturday.  (That’s how complicated that was.)  I’m still working, and listening to Season 3 of Penny Dreadful in the background, whereupon I heard this line of dialogue in the background:

 “Have you ever hated a man so much you wanted him to suffer alongside you for all your days so you could watch it?”

And I thought, “All day.”  That was just how I was feeling.  But the thing is, it takes so much energy to be angry.  I have other stuff I’d rather do.   And then, I thought about what holding on to that feeling meant for me and I remembered  words from #theamazinglarrycox and Chrissy Stroh, and how  how you never know what’s going on with folks down where the spirit meets the bone.  I know my colleagues in context.  But there are other issues, concerns, hopes and dreams that influence their reactions with me and the world, that I’ll never know.  So, instead of curling up until tomorrow and watching Penny Dreadful all day and being offended, I’m working  on a marketing plan to shut it down/set it on fire when it’s delivered next week.  I’m still keeping Penny rolling in the background though.




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