It’s about to be LFE. But Not Sunday, and Terrible Tuesday were so horrible, I forgot all about it.

This, right here.  I said this in my head all day long, but the words out of my mouth were all, “Okay, right away.  Yep, I got this.”   My soul jumped out my body and punched me in the face just now for being stupid about prioritization.  Heard ya.  Got it.  Thanks for the reminder, because I was stuck.

Short life + big dreams = non-stop hustle.  You can’t hustle in your spare time.  You gotta hustle all day, every day.  And, not hustling for the man or the client or the whomever, but hustling so your soul doesn’t loose itself from your body and punch you in the face for not trying to make yourself as happy as you try to make everyone else.   Girl ….



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