New Day

I tried the bullet journal, and am awash in washi tape, colorful gel pens, and was still up at midnight doing work stuff and not anything I wrote down to do for me in my beautiful, beautiful journal.  Love you Bullet Journal–or the idea of you–but I’m not there yet.

Instead, I’m going to live it as it comes, not try to plan much beyond having a goal in mind and just taking steps to get there.  I’ll try to exercise more, but I’m not going to write it down.  I’ll try see others’ perspectives  more, but … well, what the hell am I going to do with all these voo-doo dolls?  I’ll try to be better at me and me with others.

To wit, this promise to my co-workers to not be that person who emails, prints out the email, walks to get the printed email off the printer, picks the printed email  up and walks it to the office/desk of the person to whom it was sent so  we discuss in interrupting-anything-else-you-were-doing-detail, the email that they haven’t even had a chance to read yet.   I can seriously not do that.  Ever.  Small victories.  See you at the printer.    Happy LFE!




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