You Guys!

Can we talk about Not Monday, Little Friday Eve, Little Friday, Big Friday Proper, Sabado Gigante and Pre-Monday for a bit?  I think we have been remiss. And by “we”, I mean me + Nancy + Meaghan + Pooja. We are the O.G.s of day-of-the-week celebrations. We all got busy and whatnot, but that busy-ness was the whole reason that our movement came about.
Let’s get back on the stick and do what we’re here to do, make the week better. Here’s the Not-Monday post.
(As a reminder, Not Mondays are all about how there’s at least one person in the world who has it worse than you, not because of context, but because of brain cells.)  See pix of the rest of the dumples  (<–made up word that is somehow so appropriate) who don’t know how to use sunscreen here.
I’m counting on one of you to come up with something stellar for:
  • Little Friday Eve, which should be babies, baby animals or other cuddlies in happy situations.
  • Little Friday, which is all about babies and baby animals taking cute tumbles or otherwise being adorable.
  • Big Friday Proper is all about grown folks acting a fool.
  • Sabado Gigante is dealer’s choice. Give it your best shot.
  • Sunday:  It’s just Sunday.  Have some brunch.
  • Monday:  It’s too terrible to try to fix. Just make it through to Not Monday.

I’ll convene a meeting of the old heads next week, and make sure we knock the week of 10/10 out of the park!


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