Oh! Urgh! What?! My family! My mom, #theamazingmeme, is famous for telling me tragic, surprising, and actionable news after the fact. “Hey, why isn’t Martin at the Christmas soirée, Mom?” “Oh, didn’t I tell you he is in jail/dead/joined the Foreign Legion?” What?!!

Tonight I called to check in and get my weekend head in order and #theamazinglarrycox answered the phone and said, “Oh, yeah, your mom is at the hospital with her sister. She’ll call you when she gets back.” To which I thought, but did not say, “WTEntireF, dad?l Who is in the hospital and why and … whhhhhaaaaattt?”

I love that we are a group of connected folks who have each other’s backs and keep shit moving. But our strength sometimes makes it so that we don’t reach out when we should.

Maybe the power of everyone in the family sending good thoughts is worth a phone call to let the far-flung amongst us know we should take a knee and pray? So, I share this to say that I am going to be calling on everyone who reads this to send me some good vibes over this next little while. I am asking because that’s what friends are for, and I surely don’t want to have wished I’d asked for your prayers, good thoughts, and best wishes after things had already gone ass over tea kettle. I’m pulling for you, too!!

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