Making Hiatus

Too much other stuff to do to make stuff right now, but that all changes in November. Until then, I am building up my store of inspiration information so that when the day comes, I am out of the gate and purposeful.

Terri Gross recently posted a lovely interview on Fresh Air that she did with Leonard Cohen, and it’s been rolling around in my head. That man. Poet isn’t a big enough word for him.  Even in just conversation, he will turn a phrase in a way that makes your jaw twinge like you’ve eaten something too sweet or too sour, or that makes you say, “oh” out loud in an expression of surprise, regret and nostalgia all at the same time.

A bunch of folks have loaded up my feed with this video today which was a happy coincidence:

Click to view.

And that’s a good one. His new EP is out, “You Want it Darker”, and it’s on my list (along with Swetshop Boys- get that one, too!  Amazing!  And, as always, A Tribe Called Red.) for serious listening next week.  Meantime:

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”



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