Well, now…

So this isn’t about knitting or making or puppies. You can stop now if you want.

I don’t have kids, so it’s not my place to say, I guess, anything about wanting their future to be stellar.  But I do have little cousins whom I love and root for and and pray about. I have Muslim friends, Christian friends, undecided friends and atheists in my tribe, and I love them.  I have  friends that represent every letter in L, G, B, T and Q, and we would go to the ends of the earth for each other.  I have knitting and Make.Do. and pets that literally beat me with their love. I have skills and talents as yet untapped. I have a mouth and a voice that flows from it that is thoughtful and measured and seeks to build a tide that rises all boats.  I have a lot of hope, then.

But I also have rage. The good kind of rage that motivates to build instead of destroy. The rage at inaction, intolerance and ignorance. The rage that got spurred today to be exactly what we all quote in tired posts with images of sunsets about being the change you want to see in the world.

Here we go!


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