Things That Happened Today

  1. Tried to give Russell Jenkins a bath. Terrible, terrible, terrible idea.
  2. Finished birthday blanket for Veronica.  Unless she is turning 6 and not 34, I made a terrible miscalculation about the number of squares needed to make it.  Good news on that front, some baby is getting a terrific pram blanket soon.  Keep poppin’ ’em out, friends.
  3. Lost my knitting mojo!  I’ve been crocheting the heck out of the Babbette Blanket for friends, family and holidays (See #2 above), and it made me forget how to knit properly.  Just tried to cast on for a hat, and I’m at a loss!
  4. Pulled out fabric to prep for CTW sewing kits this month only to discover … I can’t find my iron!  (Years of using the dryer + Febreeze method of sorting out wrinkles is killing me!)
  5. Re-re-discovered my Addi knitting machine.  (See point #3)  This may have to do for a while.
  6. Got an extension on my lease.
  7. Finished new Make.Do. business plan to take to SBA tomorrow.  Knitting and sewing and tea, oh my.  Let’s hope my proformas turn out to be true.
  8. Updated Make.Do. website with December kit info, so, that’s one and done.  (Or, won and done?  I’m not sure!)
  9. Scheduled follow up interviews with three awesome opportunities and 2 gigs that hold promise.
  10. Did not raise my voice at Eli today. That’s saying something, seeing as how she hairballed the hell out of my couch this morning.
  11. Opened the craft closet.  It was hard to do.  Pulled out all WIPs, and am ensconced on the couch now, sewing up seams, weaving in ends, and getting ready to wet-block everything in preparation to shoot finished products tomorrow while we shoot the options for the December CTW kits.  You won’t be able to tell they’re still wet in the photos!  Yay!
  12. Did not kill Russell Jenkins (See #1)
  13. Finished my holiday knitting/making list.  As soon as I get my mojo back, slippers for everyone, and socks for #theamazinglarrycox!

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