No More Screwing Around

I got bad news yesterday about an opportunity I was super-keen on getting in Chicago. There’s still more in the pipeline, but that one was my white whale.  I mean, I wanted that soooo bad.

This morning, I woke up, peeled Russell Jenkins off of my legs (he’s like a little furnace, that one, and likes to go dead weight when I try to move him), put on too-small yoga pants, a giant t-shirt and put on the FreshAir podcast for a long walk.  Walking is my thing.  Clears the head, makes me sweat, and lets me really look around for a bit.

Showered, and got work-dressed to work at home.  It made all the difference, and I’m going to make this a habit for the next little while.  Walk, shower, work, make stuff.  On the docket for today is finishing up all the cutting for Make.Do.’s December projects — I got myself in it this month!, and weaving in ends until it’s time for dinner. I’ll be kept company by my menagerie, and the dulcet tones of Ira Glass while I catch up on episodes of This American Life.  I’m starting, though, with this one from the archives, because it always makes my day.


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