Warm Hearts

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts. UPDATE:  We have 14 blankets, people. We had to do some knitted and crocheted additions to them to make them all large enough to work, so they’re maybe 80% repurposed sweaters, and 20% new stuff added in. And, they’re pretty in their own way, made more so by the care with which they were made. Thanks to everyone who donated! Planning on delivering the finished products on 12/16. I’ll take photos! Next year, I’m thinking that we use Crispina French as a model, and instead of cutting the sweaters into squares, we do something like rings/loops and weave them to make something similar to her stellar potholder rugs, but for blankets.  Like these:

Sourced image from crispina.com

Maybe, just maybe, we can even figure out a way to work with her in a way that benefits her work and Make.Do.’s community?  We’ll see.  We have a year, and we’ve already started off pretty swell!  I’ll post pictures of the donation day.


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