Monday Friends

There are some friends that are good for Fridays.  We laugh together, we laugh at and with each other.  We’re convivial.

Then, there are those friends that make Mondays bearable.  It’s the hard day of the week, when you just need a “You can do it”, or a “You got this, friend” from someone.

I am 100% happy to not be where I was, but a little nervous about where I am.  One thing that gives me the vapors is that COBRA is hella expensive, so I declined.  My current health plan consists of me wearing my glasses at all times, not eating any shellfish (who has $600 for an Epipen?) and stepping carefully in and out of the shower.

The other vapor-inducing thing is less tangible.  It’s missing my Monday Friends.  Sure, I have some beauties online – Ron, Pooja, Nancy, I see you.  I have great connections with family – #theamazinglarrycox, #theamazingmeme, Aimee, Deb, Janelle, Jaimee. And,  just about every WHHS graduate from my year is there, too.  But I miss my Monday Friends at work – the  three or four folks who put up with my ribbing, who gave to me as good as they got from me, and with whom I could commiserate at the beginning of the day or week before everything really started.

Tomorrow will see me out of pocket for some really interesting consulting work, and three very exciting meetings with potential partners/employers.  I’m grateful for that.  But, what I’m more grateful for is that my Monday Friends somehow sensed my next step and reached out to me today. I didn’t ask.  They kind of just knew.  They didn’t say to me, “You’re so lucky.”  Instead, they called and visited me, unprompted, and said, “Of course.  You deserve this.  You got it. Make sure it’s what you want.”

I hope you have some Monday Friends, too.  And, if you don’t, I’m available to root for you. On Monday.  Or any day.


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