(Just) Ladies’ Night

The end of the week, girlfriends.  It should be easy, a tapering off into the weekend.  But, as often as not, it finds me (and maybe you) trying to finish up all the stuff we wanted to do when the week was early and full of promise.  I blame Netflix.  And Hulu.

Let’s get after it, shall we?  In the waning hours of the work-a-day week, put your hands up, stand up, and get after the reason you’re here.  Do the stuff you have to, but also the stuff that you need and want to. For you.

I’ve had this on repeat all day, through unpacking, repacking, traveling and trying to stay on top of stuff that must get done so I can get to the stuff that I want to do.  It’s my anthem for this day when I’m getting stuff done.  This is for my girls.  Happy BFP!



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