Because I Like You

I may be a lot of things.  Here are some of the things I’ve been TOLD about myself:

Sarcastic, judgmental, kind, caring, over-bearing, bossy, funny, witty, over-worked, messy, puts others first, puts pets first, wore that shirt 2x in one week, sardonic (I know smart people), droll (I know English people), someone who uses too many parentheses…

I’m not going to share with you the things I’ve been CALLED, because they were usually words flung out of a car window at me in anger.  People, you could help yourselves, here.  I will gladly let you over if you USE YOUR TURN-SIGNAL.

So, I’m ignoring the words I’ve been called, because, really?  You were the one who was in the left lane 200 feet before your exit, pal.  I’m also trying really hard to work on the not-so-great words I’ve been told, so I can have more of the “kind” and “caring” and less of the “bossy” and “judgmental” up in here.  Step one — Making this promise:

I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever in life post something on social media that’s a “test to see how many of my friends will read this” and that requires reposting, sharing or whatever.  I’m cool with “what letter did you get?” or getting tagged with some ridiculousness that asks me to take a quiz to see how many vegetables I can identify. Keep those coming.  I may not participate, but I might.  And, I might repost those, too, because I love it when a BuzzFeed Quiz tells me my actual age is 24, and you might, too.



As for the rest of the I-want-to-see-if-you-have-the-courage-to-repost-this nonsense, do you really need to test me?  Isn’t life just enough as it is without pressuring your friends? I say, if someone liked what I posted and reposted it, that’s fine.  But why dare them NOT to as a test of their integrity and friendship?  I won’t.  If you do, that’s fine.  I’ll see it, but I won’t repost it.  Not because I don’t care, but because I’m busy living a life that includes trying to love you and me just as we are.

Also, because everything I post is comedy gold, and how could you not repost it anyway?! Happy Here Comes Monday.


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