When You Don’t Wanna

I didn’t wanna all day today, but there was so much to do.  Freelance work, boxing up Make.Do. blankets (still not done, but the night is young-ish), working at Barnes & Noble for my petty cash in this interim time.  It was a day, for sure!

But, I met a little dude who was just himself and happy and loud as he could be, and he made my day. Sebastian.  And so, I give you: Bookstore Theatre.

Scene:  Me at the Customer Service Kiosk, flop sweating while I wait for someone to come up and ask for an obscure tome  about beetroot or some such, that is only available from a private seller in Prague.  I love when I can help them, but I seem to always get the folks who want things that are out of print, or who can describe the cover of the book, but don’t know who wrote it, or what it’s about actually.  I sweat because I want to help them!
Invisible Child standing too close to the kiosk for me to see him: MA’AM. MA’AM. MA’AM! MA’AM, MA’AM, MA’AM!
Me: Who is that? I can’t see you!
Grandma: Tell her your name.
Child who stepped back and whom I can now see: I’m Sebastian. I just turned five (shows me the fingers). I need a book that makes noise.
Me: Erm … Okay, first, let’s talk about your birthday. (waiting for someone with knowledge of children’s books to show up and help me)
Sebastian: I had CAKE! I had SO MUCH CAKE, ma’am. And everyone was there, ma’am.
Me: (To myself: if this little fool doesn’t stop calling me ma’am … ) Was it today?
Grandma: Yes. (poor dear. He was clearly still on a sugar high, and the lady was taahrd.)
Me: Happy Birthday, Sebastian. Be five for as long as you can, because it’s the best time.
Me: Okay, I’ll race you to the children’s section.
Me & Grandma: (Watching him go, because neither of us was about to chase that kid)
Grandma: He won.
Me: Um-hmm. I guess I got this. I’ll see what I can find.

Epilogue: Sebastian left with a book on dinosaurs. They roar when you press the buttons. His grandma gave me the stink eye. I know.  I should have steered him to the picture books.  But, he wanted noise and it was his birthday, so …

Happy Birthday/Holiday, Sebastian, from Ma’am.

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