Moving on …

Moving on up?  Or out?  Or elsewhere?  Whatever, I’m moving.  Declined the lease renewal today, so I’ve got 45 days to get on out and up after it in a new locale TBD.  Sitting here in the midst of a den full of detritus and old crap I moved the last time, it occurred to me that I might make this a zero sum move.  That is, I can sell the stuff I don’t want and use the proceeds to fund the parts of the move not covered by my relocation allowance.  Anyone want a printer?  Still in the box.  On the lookout for a KitchenAid Mixer?  Only used to make pimento cheese sporadically, and all attachments still in their plastic packaging.  Or, how’s about a settee with a pattern that looks interesting at first glance, but that will give you fits when it’s your daily?  I got all three, and more!  Also, where did all these growlers come from?  I don’t even like beer.

As soon as I can find my camera (already boxed up, unfortunately), I’m going to photograph all the stuff I don’t want/use and post them for sale.  My challenge is that I keep opening up Rubbermaid containers, Spacebags and boxes whereupon I find knitting projects that were this close  to completion.  One step forward with packing, three thousand steps back on weaving in ends!  Hope to finish them all, too, so I can put them up for sale on Make.Do. before winter is over.  Nobody (who’s not a hipster) wants a wool hat in summer, so I only have a couple of weeks to get this sorted!



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