When I Was Young

Traveling for work seemed so glamorous … when I didn’t have to do it. Gotta remember to get real paper money; gotta get up so early; gotta get a hotel near a CVS because there is ALWAYS a tights incident that requires a new purchase and they’re open 24hrs; gotta bring all the wrong power cords and bring exactly no ear phones anyway; can’t find a hotel pen that works and always forget to bring my own; gotta sort the pets and pay more for their boarding than my hotel; gotta find tweezers since my eyebrows thrive on airplane air; gotta buy all the magazines at Hudson News because I am so excited to read them and forget how much they weigh;  gotta sit in the hepatitis row (last seats near the bathroom) to get an aisle seat; gotta hold my tongue in the boarding line; gotta find where I packed my emergency toothbrush; gotta have mints for days; gotta remember to pack travel Febreeze and Lysol (stinky germs); gotta not sleep on the first night in a hotel because I don’t get to watch “Alaskan Bush People” on cable at home; gotta figure out who to tip, for what and how much; gotta sort out time zones; gotta find a knitting project to bring with me in case I break my foot and have to wait in the ER; gotta remember to bring baby aspirin and other old people medicine with me; gotta check in on work happening and that needs doing while I am doing other work … but “Alaskan Bush People” won’t let me go!

First world problems to be sure. And it usually works out for me in the end. I can twist my tights so the run isn’t visible and can usually find my emergency toothbrush since I have a lot of them. I just cannot wait, though to get settled. To be in the place I want to be, in a geography that suits me and be surrounded by a network that makes me better. When I have that, I can take breaks to go anywhere with my ripped up tights and non-minty breath and get it done.

About to be away searching for that settlement.  CTW kit update to follow next week when I get … well, settled!


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