Not Right

A Dog’s Purpose? Ugh. Just saw that video about the filming of the movie  and that poor German Shepherd who was not up for what they were putting him/her through.  How you gonna’ get that shizz so wrong, fam?  It’s a movie about how great dogs are, and this?Nope.

How’s about we figure out our purpose first, because we’re in a mess right now. The least we could do is be kind to, if not each other, then our four-legged friends.

I’m pretty sure if Russell Jenkins, Saul, Louis, Peanutbutter, Eli, Rainer, Vincent, Victor, Sam, Tom, or any of the other wonderfully flawed and damaged pets whom I’ve been lucky to know and spend my life with could talk, they’d say, “Our purpose? Just her, because her looks after us. Also, food. Food is why we’re here too, and her shares it with us most times. But part of our purpose is also sometimes funny farts we let out so we can pretend not to understand where that noise came from, and her can do that fan dance around the room. We love that, and her is amazing at it. But really, just her, because she looks after us.”

Your four-legger likely thinks the same of you, if you’re a decent sort … even if you make them wear costumes from time to time, or knit them sweaters to match yours. That’s 100% okay. (According to me, not them.) My family aside, there has been no greater love I’ve known and expressed for the misfit, unwanted, not-quite-regular pets that I have had the pleasure to care for and know. Mistreating them, or scaring them for the purposes of our entertainment is just terrible. I hope it’s a hoax, and if it’s not, let’s let it be known.


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