Two hats still on the needles.  Just got a shipment of circulars from Japan, a shipment of double-points from Seattle, and a huge box of straights from Colorado.  All for kit-making this year.  A better person would be sorting them out and pre-bundling kits.  Or, at the very least, finishing up the WIPs that were due in December!

I, on the other hand, went and  bought… I know, but please understand I am weak… more yarn.  But, listen, Linda (and if you don’t get that reference, see this), I saw a blankie and couldn’t help myself.  I’ve been carrying around a baby dress, a Gruffalo and two hats in my purse for the last two months that need seaming up, still, I bought more yarn. I vow to not start this until I’m on the plane to Chicago tomorrow or until I’ve finished at least 2 WIPs, whichever comes first.  (We know which one that’s going to be though, right?)



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