Amen, Sister (via kraftwork)

Read the full post below.  I was a big proponent of the salad in a jar movement and still tote one with me from time to time, but often, my mid-day meal is the one that I need to nourish me beyond the nutrients.  Because I’m working predominantly with clients and vendors on the west coast, my work day is from 8am to 9pm Eastern, and the chance to take a break for warm, good, healthy food at noon — just when my clients are getting into the office on the west coast — is a gift I don’t take lightly.

Let’s take care of ourselves, hmm?

My mum, sister, myself, and a friend hit the road to Washington, D.C. last Friday to stand in solidarity with all women and people of color to protest our president. And being the road warriors we are, I knew we’d need warm sustenance. So I took a stab at making homemade cup of noodles. All […]

via homemade | cup of noodles. — k r a f t work

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