Forced Sabbatical

Sorry to have been unfocused and away from the Make.Do. site this last little while. I am taking 2 days to unplug and reset. It seems wrong right now to give import to my personal stress when all is so not right with the world and there are human beings with much more to carry than I do. But I am as I am and feeling like I need you guys so much that I can’t not ask. I am behind on Make.Do kits for the spring, uncertain about where my purpose will see me land career-wise, scared about chucking it all in and making Make.Do. my singular ambition, readying for a trade show at the end of the month … It’s a little overwhelming right now.

So, forgive me for asking, but if you are inclined to prayer or to commune with the universe, maybe just add me to the list of folks you keep in your thoughts and prayers for a couple of days — like a coda or a footnote, or a by-the-way ask.

I am sitting in the middle. In between a rock and a hard place where the ground in between is as hard and sharp as at either end. I am not sure how or where to move. I know this is where I should be because it’s where I am, but my hope coffers are getting empty while I wait and work toward the right thing. Probably good that my LA gig fell through, but it’s hard to see it that way when in the middle of it.

Send me a good thought if you have a minute. You have mine, always.


4 Replies to “Forced Sabbatical”

  1. you are one of the best people i know and i am with you always!!! the world has something big for you, it’s just not ready to show it to you yet. ❤

  2. Happy to pray for anyone who needs it, but even happier to add a little extra prayer “oomph” for amazing people like you! (And, if you want to talk job search, lemme know…)

  3. My thought, prayers and good intensions are with you. I’m sure you’ll land somewhere fantastic because you are a fantastic person and whoever finds you and wherever your paths leads you, those will be the fortunate one!

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