When You Get A Gift

In a random, innocuous conversation on FB just now, I was part of a group of folks encouraging one of our friends to bite the bullet and get a Peloton bike. I love mine.  But, truth be told, I loved it for 2 months, hated it for 2 months when I was unemployed and sad, and have come to love it again in the last month.  I’ve made it part of my daily routine — get up, walk the dogs, have a coffee, get on the bike and sweat for a 40, then shower and get dressed and act like a grown up.

That’s not the important thing here.  What I wanted to say is that I thought of something today that came out of that FB exchange.  I mentioned in passing that I had a hard time wanting to ride when I was in the middle of searching for a job, as an explanation for why I’d taken a break from the bike.  It was just a little comment for context that explained why my rides weren’t showing up amongst my followers.  No big.  And the conversation thread continued and continued and the future purchaser was convinced she should invest.  That was all, I thought.

Until, she PM’d me and said, “By the way, I’m praying for you and your joy.”

It did me in, that.  A kind word, unexpected, and unasked for just changed my life today.  Motivated beyond belief!


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