Presidents’ Day

Hairdresser Theatre:
Marie: Oh, my got (that’s how she says it) your hair is too long, Miss Jennifer.

Me: I am still paying the same amount.

Marie: Chile. Let’s see what we can do. (And proceeds not to look at my hair, but to turn on the TV so we can watch Lifetime Channel together. I 100% love this woman.)

Scene: We took a dance break before we even got started on my locs. The Selena biopic was on and we couldn’t help ourselves. Here: YOU try not to dance.

Marie: What you want to eat?

Me: Nothing, Miss Marie.

Marie: I got cabbage.

Me: Well ….

And then we ate and had an argument about why my hair is so plain (I can’t curl it because I gotta rinse it in the shower after Peloton everyday, so Fat and Curly or Healthy and Plain? I choose the latter.)

While she was working, I tried to talk her into under-dyeing it blue and she lost her ever loving mind. I just shut up and watched Selena and knit myself a scarf. I love her so much. It’s a good bet I will fly or drive into see her after I move. Which is scheduled for 3/11, by the way! Anxious!!


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