Compost? More like THE MOST!

From Completely Cauchy!  Look at all those strips.  I thought to myself, upon reading the post, “Six years?  That’s a long time to have a project in-the-making.”  Then I looked around at the UFOs lounging in baskets and on door handles in my apartment and the scales fell from my eyes.  This is wonderful!  I am imagining the meditative nature of cutting all those 1.5 inch strips.  I’d say I’m looking forward to it, but this dream will be deferred until I clear out the WIP bin!  #inspiration

So this is the one formerly known as the Compost Quilt–there’s a tutorial at that link. Started back on August 20, 2011, according to my flickr photo diary, I was partially inspired by Tonya’s Lego Quilt which was inspired by a vintage quilt. It’s just an orgy of scraps cut into 1.5″ wide strips and […]

via For A… — completely cauchy.


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