What the what?

You know I have been looking, trying to find a path that allows for the work I love to do to meet up with the work that loves me back. Today, after almost three months of pursuit, the unicorn I was after turned around and welcomed me. The one I wanted so hard and so fiercely.

But then, what do you do with that?  It’s like the day after Christmas for me.  My sister said, “Why aren’t you happier?  You should be doing cartwheels!”  I guess it’s because I don’t yet know how to feel that way and can’t yet believe it’s true.

My first thought, after getting the news was, “Drinks on me!” I actually scheduled an outing, the sole purpose of which was to drink our faces off. But then, I thought about how I got here; how the one thing I said I’d wanted ended up happening.

I wish I could say that I shut the drinks party down and got to doing work that manifested my appreciation for the gift I’d gotten. But…  well, that did not happen.  #daydrinking

But!  But!  But!  I am on to making again and that’s something.  Because I have a place to move, I can focus on the UFOs and WIPs with more vigor so they’re done and out the door by the time the movers come. I also picked out a little garter stitch sweater to keep me occupied and centered this next little while!  So happy to be making again!



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