I’m taking this season differently this year.  It’s usually a time where I decide to give up something that, if I’m honest, doesn’t matter that much.  Giving up, though.  That’s something to think about.  Maybe this year, I’ll reframe the Lenten season to make it less about giving up and more about being up.  Being hopeful, being forward-focused.  And, trying. Trying more, trying harder, trying things that scare me. It’s only 40 days, and instead of denying myself to prove piety, I’m going to practice living the next 40 days in a state of exaltation, joy, purpose, friendship, movement and support for friends who need it (including myself!)

I want to be realistic, so I made a list of 8 things.  Eight is manageable, I think?  It looks like this:

  1. Full-on dog walks instead of just parking myself on the bench in the dog park.
  2. Peloton CLASS rides weekdays and SCENIC rides only on weekends.
  3. Cooking 2 meals per day (sorry, Postmates).
  4. Making mornings a ritual again – a walk, some tea, exercise, THEN work.
  5. Posting every day to keep myself on track.
  6. Putting things away when I’m finished with them.
  7. Taking my time, undoing things that need undoing, redoing things that need redoing, and working at my craft and at my work with purpose.
  8. Finding one person a day to be grateful for, and telling them so.

I’m going to try as hard as I can.  I’m most worried about #3, because it will require me to do #6 and #7!   I hope it’s true that doing things for 21 days in a row makes them become habits.  The spirit is willing, so let’s see what happens…


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