Today Was a Good Day

I figured it would be annoying if I posted that progress tracker everyday (for you and me.  Math is hard.)  So, I’m just going to post at the end of each week.  Stay tuned for Saturday.

Instead, here’s something you might like with a story to go with.  I was just in the grocery store post-bike ride (see how I slipped that in there?  5 for 5 so far this week!), and on my way out of the parking lot, this song came on NPR.  The guy in the car next to me was pulling in to a space as I was leaving.  I had to wait for someone to pass behind me long enough for the song to get to that goose-bumpy part, “You are tired, and you want to be free…” Now I had my windows down, because post-shower, I was still a sweaty mess, so though it wasn’t loud, the music coming from my car was audible outside.  And, right at the goose-bumpy part, the guy next to me channeled the spirit of Mr. Redding himself, and started singing (loudly and really well) along.  He looked so happy and he was a remarkable singer.  It made me smile and was a nice way to end BFP.  Hope yours was full of song, too!



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