This Fool, Right Here

I mean … what?  Just when I was feeling all good about the day and getting ready to incorporate Hygge into my life, this craptasticness:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.33.11 PM.png

Oh, Modonna Wilkinson!  Look at you trying  to turn a lovely, lively and fun post about International Women’s Day  (AND KNITTING, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!) into a way to shame folks who stand up wanting to be heard?  I was all set to respond to her comment, but then thought that I’d not want Neighborhood Fiber Co’s feed to be besmirched by further antagonistic back and forth commentary, so I just loved the original post and moved on.

But, I still felt some kind of way about that snarky, misogynistic comment.  Then I went to look on Modonna’s Facebook page. (She’ll need to change her privacy settings, probably, if she’s going to keep up with her bullshittery.)  Once there, I decided that she wasn’t worth the effort.  She and her ilk are on the way to extinction, so best to let her go her way and for me to keep on keeping on.

I can’t deny that she has a point in that I (and many of my friends, colleagues and family members) do want to be treated equally.  Therefore, I HAVE been working today.  For 6.16 hours and expect 8 hours of pay, because that would put me at parity with my male counterparts.  That seems fair.


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