Getting Moving

I’ve given away, or made arrangements to give away almost everything I have that’s not necessary for my next thing.  I’ve only kept 4 pieces of furniture and my TVs.  And my yarn.  And some sewing machines.  And fabric.  But, other than that … !

Really, though, pretty happy with the progress, and planning on spending the next couple of days cleaning and arranging the boxes to make it easy for the movers.  It’s part of my Lenten work to be mindful and to be about putting things away when I’m finished, so this is that, writ large!  And yet …

I’ve also been cleaning up my laptop and my email archive, whereupon I came across this un-filed pattern.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.22.52 PM.png

It’s Chaleur (available from Knit Purl, here.)  This sweater was the first time I got it together to do K1below.  And, it was perfect and beautiful.  I made it in the same color as the one shown.  I only ever wore it on special occasions, one of which was for a pretty important client meeting way back a year or two ago.  Everyone who saw it commented on how lovely it was, and were amazed that I’d made it myself.  Then, I went to the ladies’ room at the end of the day, and saw my reflection in the mirror, and there was about a 2″ diameter moth hole in the back of the sweater, right near the back hem.  Could have been moths (it was around the plague of moths that one year), could have been me just not taking good care of it.  Whatever the case, I was too done to figure out how to darn that bad boy, so I chucked it, fully expecting to knit it again.  I’m way far into Jong now.  This is going to be my test!  Finish the one WIP, first, in the hope that by the time it’s complete, I’ll be settled and unpacked and ready to start Chaleur again.  Fingers crossed, needles up.  Happy BFE!


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