Done (99%)

Or, maybe like 90%.  Spent the weekend frantically unpacking and re-packing boxes to make sure I got under the weight quote and right at the number of boxes on my moving estimate.  It was a festival of origami, swear words, flexibility, swear words and a few swear words.

All my yarn, all my fabric, 2 sewing machines, a loom, a drum carder, spinning wheel, and about 1500 knitting needles are in a truck somewhere in the middle of Maryland right now.  I kept one little project with me to keep me steady while I wait for the movers to arrive and I get really settled in my new thing.  I’ve got a little skein of Socks That Rock that I’ve been working up into a hat.  It’s mindless and easy, and I’m sad to say I’m about done.  I am trying to be strong, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up at the yarn store, or raiding someone’s stash for a couple of skeins to start on this project:



It’s from PurlSoho.  (Details here!) Eeek, steeks. It’s been a while since the terrible steeking of 2014 that saw a month’s worth of colorwork ruined.  I may be ready to try again.  Let’s see what happens!


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