It’s Little Friday Eve.  It was a long time coming this week.  Time for some inspiration to push past the hump and on to Little Friday, then Big Friday Proper.  Today, patterns are inspiring me.  I had to frog a lacework scarf last night, because I skipped a whole section of YOs and K2togs and didn’t notice until it was way too late.  I’m not about to unpick 118 stitches, so that one was put to the side for now while I look for another patterned-pattern to keep my fingers busy until the sewing machines are unpacked.

I found this on Adrien Cisse’s website (more on that later), showcasing the work of Stephanie Ducroix.  It’s the design for Fratellini Coffee in the North of Paris.  You can see more here.  All that intricate openwork is amazing.

Adrien’s site also includes a link to his pattern showreel that’s chock full of happy, interesting and delightful pattern designs.  It’ll definitely make your day.  See it here.  (The soundtrack is happy, too!)


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