Mercury is Screwing With Me

It’s not in retrograde, and yet … kerfuffles and missteps and mini-catastrophes are everywhere.  This week, I’ve been this guy, raising my fists (figuratively) and voice (literally) in frustration at this sad state of affairs, only to have that sad state of affairs clapback with some instant karma.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.57.30 AM.png

I’m still laughing about it though, because it’s not a terrible situation, just a frustrating one, as in FOUR projects frogged, measured once instead of twice and cut a whole bunch of wrong-sized fabric, and don’t get me started on my expense reports!  These things don’t even rise to the level of real problems, but they just get under my skin!

Re-casting those four frogged projects on Monday, and I bet I can do a cathedral quilt out of the messed up fabric.  All is not lost, it’s just on my nerves!  Here’s to a new week chock full of new and completely surmountable challenges!



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