I Wish

I wish I had something interesting to say today.  I don’t.  It’s just a regular day before a short weekend full of long work!  So, here are some interesting things from other people:


This shopper from Lisa Bags.  It’s cute, right?  The problem is, I always see cute stuff and think, “I could make that.”  What I end up with, however, are yards and yards of fabric and no actual cute thing.  (If you click on the image, you’ll link to the Lisa Bags site.  Lots of fun stuff!)

And here’s something from Stitch Galore that made me smile:


Aren’t they cute?  I have about 10 million wooden spools that I ordered for some project or another.  Maybe I can repurpose them into some pin cushions for my sewing room?  (Or, buy these, because who am I kidding?)


This Sherbert Stripe Quilt from One of One Goods.  Sweet, right?   Check it out here!




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