Deez Dayz

It’s been all Instagram this last little while, because it’s a better way for me to reach out re: what’s knitting.  The other stuff — the world, racism, politics, dogs, pups, inspiration (health, creative and otherwise) that I usually post here are still super important to me, but I just haven’t had the time I usually have had to post about that stuff.  It’s a’comin’!

Meanwhile, here’s what’s doing on the gram, and a lot of WIPs, UFOs, PTMs (plan to makes), and GSTGs (getting stuff togethers):

Finished Work:

Works Planned:

Purpose Work:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.52.33 PM.png

Things Getting In The Way of Work:

What I’m Working For Right now:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.53.18 PM

February 10, 2018 at Madtree Brewing.  At the very least, you’ll get a good beer!  See you soon and I’ll post more WIPs in the next week or so, because it’s going fast and furious at 634 Sycamore!


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