Oh, My Damn!

I’ve been away for so long!  I just realized that most of my posting these days has been on Instagram and Facebook, trying to get ready for a Holiday Craft Fair. And trying to ignore the fact that I was among those culled from the herd in a round of layoffs at my real job. It sucks — right before the holidays, too!  Way to have a heart!  But, at least they gave us the top five things to post on our list of New Year’s resolutions!

So, I have been remiss and miss this platform for sharing more than a picture or a pithy caption!  I got my act together in between interviews and knitting today to put together a content calendar for this and other social media accounts.  The rest of December is going to be chock full of patterns and tips for the knitter, here, and patterns and fabric sourcing for the sewist at hey-make-do.com!

Here’s a little preview — still needs design and spell-check (thumb!!), but the idea is to put all the patterns in a one-page infographic format:

Make.Do. Presents ...

I’d love to know what you think!  Next up, a simple hat, then a striped cowl, followed by a KAL for a shawlette (still working through the pattern!)  Glad to be back!


Not So Good

That’s how things are right now.  Really.  I just Googled “How to stay positive in negative situations”, and got this gem.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say a darned thing about having a giant glass of wine or a nap.

Make It Happen

“We need to think less sometimes and dream less and just make it happen.”

This is one of those weeks that requires stories like this to remind me what matters.  Happy Little Friday Eve!


Witness Marks & Stuff

  1. TFW you have to collaborate with a know it all who doesn’t know it all.  Whew!  It’s hard work, that.  Thank goodness that I also get to partner with some folks who don’t know it all, or at least don’t pretend to, on a regular basis.  The smartest people I know are the ones who ask questions instead of making up answers.
  2. Witness marks.  Still working on that piece for next week’s conference.  I’m thinking it will become a series because the whole idea of witness marks is too big for 30 minutes.
  3. Ikagi.  It’s the new hygge, and I’m about to get up on it!


It’s been a long week!  Happy Little Friday Eve!