Make It Happen

“We need to think less sometimes and dream less and just make it happen.”

This is one of those weeks that requires stories like this to remind me what matters.  Happy Little Friday Eve!



Forgot How

I had this thought this morning:  “I’m supposed to be stressed out about something, but I can’t remember what it is.”  Seriously?

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.38.05 AM.png

It’s one thing to pour some gasoline on a problem (but buy that pin anyway – click the image for the link) and make it worse.  It’s another thing to be worried that you can’t remember what problem you should be worried about!

I’m taking advantage of the beautiful day to practice unworrying during lunchtime yoga. There’s a noon class at the art museum in town, which is a great idea — breath, flow, beauty.  And it’s free.  I expect it’ll be just the thing.

On Leadership

This was an interesting view for the day — 100% not knitting, dog, family, food or sewing-related.  It’s a short little video, but one that I wish I’d seen a few gigs ago.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.54.41 PM.png

I once left a job (one that was terrible for a HOST of reasons) where I did just that — asked to be copied on every missive that went back and forth between our account, creative and production teams.  The intent was right — not to undermine, but to support.  The outcome?  Not so much.  And, you don’t get to decide which test (intent vs. outcome) the team uses to evaluate your effectiveness.

It’s definitely difficult to let go.  I struggle every week when I’m working on a show or have patterns out for testers, or doing a team writing project for Make.Do.  It will inevitably become too much and I’ll end up tired and sick and mean.  That’s the worst. I’m fortunate now to have people who wrest things from my hands and won’t let me do them.  They force me to trust them, and it usually works out just fine.

I’m getting ready for a big sale this weekend, and a couple of November events that are really important to me (and my landlord!  Rent is too high!), and I have turned over the logistics to people who I know in my head will do it better than I.  I think it hurts my feelings little to acknowledge that they can, but it makes my heart glad that they can.

I’m still crossing my fingers, though!  One step at a time.



Tracee Ellis Ross says that’s the hashtag she’d use to describe herself.  After watching this, I agree.  She is amazing, too.

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