We are all Cookie Monster

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It’s Okay

You don’t need concealer, you just need to be.

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Via Advanced Style.  Click the image for the whole video.  Wonderful!

Thought for Little Friday

The week behind was kind of rough, and the coming week looks to be no less cumbersome.  I don’t know about you, but I could use some encouraging thoughts.  Imagine my delight when I saw this in my feed today:

And all at once,summer collapsedinto fall.

I’ve just ordered her book to bring with me on next week’s travels.  I think it should be terrific company!  Happy Little Friday!

Here’s something …

I’ve been noodling around the discover function of WordPress today, and this little beauty of a post made my day.  Just the kind of thing for Little Friday Eve, so I thought I’d share.


Jess and Graham’s aging Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bromley, has been a difficult dog to get close to: “she’s a miserable, loveless creature with no need to please anyone.” But after a bone cancer scare, they finally figure out how to love her.

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Home Planning

It’s been three months in my new place … but you wouldn’t know it to look at the amount of boxes that are still strewn around.  My old apartment doesn’t work in my new home — the furniture is wrong and the rooms are much bigger (or taller, at least – 20ft. ceilings sound good in theory, but in practice … it can seem cavernous).  Pinterest is no help, because I don’t have an extra $82,000 burning a hole in my pocket to buy any of the furniture there, nor do I have access to my own woodshop and paint studio to do any of those DIY projects.  Still, I’m hooked.  Between Pinterest and Justina Blakeney, I’m down one rabbit hole of beauty after the other!


This, above,  from Stephen di Donato, is my biggest inspiration.  Completely impractical (Russell Jenkins + Peanutbutter = no white couches.  Ever.)  Justina Blakeney’s pillows, and that blue couch, though, might just solve all my problems.  Click on any of the images to go to her site.  You won’t be sorry!!

pillowsloli rugblue couch

My Atom is Your Atom

For, every atom belonging to me, as good belongs to you. — Walt Whitman

I’ve been working on a piece of writing for a presentation at an upcoming branding conference.  I’m still working it out, but the presentation is going to be about witness marks.  Typically, these marks are made by a repair or crafts-person so that the next repair- or crafts-person who comes along will know that a particular piece of equipment goes in a particular space.  Largely they’re used in things like automotive manufacturing and in clockworks.  And, they can be accidental, or caused by the natural wear that comes with use.  The words “witness mark” make me feel … I don’t know? Nostalgic?  A little melancholy?  I’m not exactly sure how to name that feeling.   There is something about the idea of there being a physical, tangible trace of the hands that were there first that gives me goosebumps.

Anyway, I’m working on writing that presentation (but not very hard since the deadline is weeks away) and in looking for good source and reference material, I keep finding myself falling down internet rabbit hole after internet rabbit hole.  The good news is since the deadline is a ways out, I can spend some time exploring before I really get down to work.  The fruits of today’s exploration can be found here.

I don’t know why, but I found myself more than a little misty-eyed as I watched several of the videos.  Maybe it was the surprise at finding they weren’t the hokey cheese-fest I’d expected. Maybe I forgot how I loved Walt Whitman when I was younger.  Maybe (just maaaaaaaaaayyyyybe) I miss the south a little, teeny, tiny bit.

Probably all three.




This Gem

It’s worth taking the 5 – 10 minutes it’ll take you to give this one a read.  Really.  Click here, or on the image below to read.  See you on Little Friday Eve!

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