Witness Marks & Stuff

  1. TFW you have to collaborate with a know it all who doesn’t know it all.  Whew!  It’s hard work, that.  Thank goodness that I also get to partner with some folks who don’t know it all, or at least don’t pretend to, on a regular basis.  The smartest people I know are the ones who ask questions instead of making up answers.
  2. Witness marks.  Still working on that piece for next week’s conference.  I’m thinking it will become a series because the whole idea of witness marks is too big for 30 minutes.
  3. Ikagi.  It’s the new hygge, and I’m about to get up on it!


It’s been a long week!  Happy Little Friday Eve!

A little bit

An airplane hat (as in started on the plane, finished at the hotel.  That’s all I’ve got this gloomy Monday.  Looking forward to a slow walk with Russell Jenkins and Peanutbutter, a bike ride, some catching up with work emails and a couple hours of knitting to reintroduce myself to a regular work-week!  Happy Monday!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.05.45 PM


Idle Hands

They say idle hands are the devil’s playground. Or something like that. Anyway, satan’s going to have to find someone else to mess with. My hands are busy!

That’s 2 quilt tops cut and ready to sew. One more to go tonight to keep on schedule. Assembly begins tomorrow!


I’m home(ish) in Chicago for the next little while.  I love this city so much.  So happy to be back for a litle while.  See you next week!

Hey, Baby

I make a lot of stuff for kids and babies, and about 90% of them are cute and adorable and awwwww-ish.  But sometimes …


Sometimes, a baby needs a kick-ass sweater.  This one, via Baby Goth Knits might be just the thing!  Check out the pattern (and image source) here.


Sharing Again!

I don’t have anything better to write about and/or add than this post from Tin Can Knits.  That blanket is THE cutest!

OK so I’ve officially been obsessed with gigantic chunky blankets, for at least the last year. After I made the Stashbuster tunisian crochet monster, I immediately thought MAN I NEED TO DO THIS IN A KNIT! And so Marley was born. With 4 yarn weights and 4 size options, this is a very versatile pattern. […]

via Marley Blanket — Tin Can Knits