ecause now I have to knit this, right? I mean, if Grumperina hadn’t put the picture up, maybe I’d have glossed right over it. But, no. There are so many babies and weddings (not necessarily in that order!) coming up this time of year … Oh, well. Maybe we can whittle down the stash a bit, hmm?

Is it just me?

ery, very clever, KFC. Keeping us on our toes with your oily… I mean, wily moves! I can barely keep up.

Yay, business school. I'm using matrices again!

Fitz is a fine, fine ram

This Monday saw me tired from what is aptly termed an epic weekend battle with pollen – those little buggeres are tough–and anxious about getting on top of work, moving, etc. for the coming week. So, needless to say, I was none to happy to drag my itchy eyes, runny nose, stressed out demeanor, and all-’round bitchitude in to work on the first day of a long week.

But then, Red Brick Road Farm, I saw, came through with a delivery that was right on time. Fleece. From Fitz. This fleece:

Click the pic to see the best farm ever. Not kidding.

I posed about it before. But, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Spinners and former/current farm folk know what it’s like. The fleece was pre-picked a bit, but there are still lots of little-bitty grasses (and one creepy crawler!) in there. It smells and feels like lanolin. It’s sitting in a box right now, calling to me to get my spin on. I’m refusing until I finish at least one of the projects on the needles right now. So, I’m just knitting faster and faster (thankfully, I’m using Addis, so there’s no danger of fire!) so I can wrange Fitz’s fleece into something spectacular as soon as I can. Thank you, Red Brick Road Farm! Thank you, Fitz!

Are you for real?

very once in a while, I’ve got to delete a blog/site from my RSS Feed. There are way too many, anyway, so it’s probably for the best. It’s not as if I actively look for reasons to cull the heard, separate the wheat from the chaff, or just cut out craziness from my daily reads. No, instead I just wait until someone writes something that makes me go, “Ew. Next.”

I mean, seriously? AverageBro, be gone.

Pre-tax Day Comfort (Curse you, IRS)

ne of my favorite bloggers, Alyssa Rosenberg, writes about pop culture and race for a bunch of different magazines, and Tuesday she did a post on her blog about music and how even though she’s Jewish and didn’t grow up in the tradition of gospel music, there’s something about the build to a chorus in gospel music that seems universal and has the power to make her flush. I consider myself a spiritual person, maybe not traditionally religious, but I do believe in doing right, trying hard, breaking bread to mend fences, lending a helping hand even when it’s hard, and generally being kind. And, I do miss playing the piano for a church choir, I have to say.

So that said, this song is religious, but I also think it’s awesome. Yes, a lot of the words are kind of trite, but I’d argue that trite is often true. You may not like it, and I hope you forgive me if it doesn’t represent your particular tradition and know that I meant no offense. What struck me was how right Alyssa was –the build up to the chorus made me want to do something. That, plus how comforting the words of the chorus were – “I am here” would have been enough. But, then, “You don’t have to worry…. here’s my shoulder; you can lean on me.” Who doesn’t need to hear that–and from whomever offers the words–from time to time? And, knowing what it means to hear the words, how selfish not to offer them when we encounter someone who needs to hear them, too? (Yikes, I just got misty. I’ll have to post something bitchy or crafty … or critchy… or bratchy soon.)

Anyway, Kirk Franklin is AWESOME (at saying words loudly and making people repeat them) … and Bono is posing his butt off in the video… but, still, I was having a fine day, doing what I do, and was playing this song in the background on my computer and it struck me that, even though I was feeling happy enough, this song was all secretly comforting me in a way that warmed me even more. Most of the surprises in my life are shitty, but this–this comfort sneaking up on me? Well, it was nice. (Plus, Crystal Lewis and Mary J. Blige can really sing!)

Hey, I won something

hile it wasn’t the lottery, it was still pretty darned good. Craftnicity, one of the favorite feeds in my Google Reader, was holding a contest to win a copy of this book:

Well, I call it a contest, but I didn’t have to really do anything to win (which is even better!), just leave a comment, and voila! I’m hoping I can use the book to help me suss out some of the patterns I’m working on. I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, just because this particular contest is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out L’Tanya’s site. It’s pretty great.

One less bell to answer…

No, I mean one MORE. See how I tricked you there? Anyway, here's one more conference-type thing that crossed my inbox yesterday for the crafty amongst us. It was buried in the link from yesterday, so I’m reposting to make sure you see it. I don't know that I can afford any more travel in 2010, but if I can find a way, I think I might go to The Summit of Awesome, if for no other reason than it's called The Summit of Awesome. That's a lot to live up to, huh? Click on pic to find out more!