Carpe Diem, Friends

Nokia may be great – I wouldn’t know because I’m locked into a service agreement with the evilest of the evil (iPhone and iPad notwithstading) AT&T. Argh! On the list of worst things in my life… well, they’re on a whole separate list. It’s that bad.

Click the pic for the link!

But, if you have Nokia, here’s something I think is interesting, and maybe you could try out. Carpe Diem offers you the chance to “do something different every day”. Pretty cool, I’d say, because it’s not just doing something different – it’s looking at things differently, which is way more powerful. Anyway, check it out and let me know if you accept the challenge!

Hubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

The universe is, to put it mildly, an awesome, awesome thing.

Click for more pix from Hubble via BoingBoing.

Oh, also!

While I was gone/back/gone, I finished a couple of sweaters. Forgive the horrible pictures, they’re from the BBerry. Finally found my camera, though, so I’ll be posting better pix here, and on Ravelry later this week. Meantime, here’s my Christina sweater:

Yum, the smell of wet wool in the morning. (Blocking is important!)

It’s so dark because I really soaked it for 30 minutes. A real wet block! Here’s the color it’s supposed to be/will end up:

Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Yum!

And, here’s the one for Baby J:

Blocking and waiting for embroidery! Exciting!

Two more on the needles as I type this. What IS my problem?

No, I don’t want one

Not really. I’m okay for now and money is tight, but you have to admit, Apple is on to something. We already know kids can use it right out of the box, and we’ve all seen the puppy and kitty videos. But, really, this is the best explanation for the simplicity that’s housed in that elegant little pad:


I’ve been a’travelin’!


My next trip is from H to G. You know what for? The 37th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, of course! Maybe I’ll see some of you there!!