On TV? Love it. In the movies? Awesome! At work? NOT SO MUCH!

I know that work and fun exist in two separate parts of the dictionary, but come on! This week, I’m re-committing myself to yoga. It beats drinking (but only slightly.)

Also, many, many projects on the needles that I can’t wait to share. Here’s a preview:

Click thru to get the adorable pattern from Ravelry!

AND, the NONI bag is on the needles now. It’s harder than I’d thought to do 84 rows of stockinette in double strands of Cascade 220. Finished the bottom last night, and picked up 1/2 the stitches around to begin the front, back and sides. Pix later.


And just when it was bad

It got better (or sadder?) I’m just getting over Christian the Lion, and now this? A gorilla, no less.

My heart doesn’t have room for this stuff. I wish the internet would just stop it.

Man, this isn’t getting any better

The level of reporting on the BP Oil spill has, for me, the opposite effect in some ways — it’s not made me necessarily more attentive and concerned. There’s just so much, it’s kind of become a part of life. But then, these come along.

What are we going to do?

Say what?

Getting ready to gear up for career stage II, and it looks like it might be going somewhere … should have news by the end of the month, so cross some fingers for me, won’t you?

Meantime, here’s something for you to smile at:


Yes, I stole this idea from Oh, Meaghan (who is awesome, by the way – click on the link for her site).

I don’t know about you, but it’s often hard for me to post on the daily as I’d like, so sometimes, I email myself (over and over) interesting things and ideas that I want to re-post or write about. It’s making my Gmail angry. So, here’s what I learned from Meaghan today — I should use my tumblr account! I signed up ages ago, but never bothered to really use tumblr. It’s a great way, I think, to bring some organization to images and thoughts and ideas and videos and whatnot. Maybe you should check it out, and if you do, thank Meaghan!

UPDATE: See? This just took me 5 minutes (was looking through imgfave for inspiration). It’s not pretty yet, but it’s definitely useful!