Chicago Knitting Love

Don’t get me wrong, I love Loopy Yarns and go there often – it’s close to work, and there are several cutie-pie places nearby to pop in for a glass of wine before you shop (after is better, though. Clear head and all.)

That said, I’m all for supporting all our local shops, as Lucky Penny says: ” It’s important to support your local enterprises. Without our support, they go away. As much as I like internet shopping, for my yarns and fabrics, I seek out what’s available locally first.” She has a point!

This weekend, I think I might stop in Knit 1 and check it out. I’m not bringing my debit/credit cards, only cash. And, only a little bit of cash … they can always put my purchases on hold while I go get more money.



Heartbreaking and shocking, these pictures of the oil spill in the gulf, making its way to Louisiana. If ever there were a time for prayer… well, there have been so many this year, I guess. This is one more.

From the Boston Globe. Click for the photo series.


My favorite things/beings, animals. All shapes, kinds, colors, nozzles, feets, bums, it’s all here.

Life on White. Click to see all the beauty.

From the site: “With 12183 images and around 531 different animal species, our objective is to create the largest collection by a single photographer, of animals photographed in front and on a white background.”

Poop and scratches notwithstanding, best job ever.

Oh, just cut it out

No child is really this cute. I’ve seen kids in real life, and I’m here to tell you, it’s just impossible!

Oh, Nina. She’s inspired me to keep my Japanese for Busy People textbooks out on the coffee table instead of packing them away. She is kawaii.

Call the authorities

For I have surely lost my mind. I’m moving. I’m packing. I’m trying to get rid of stuff — I packed away all my yarn save the two (only two? I know! Amazing!) projects on my needles. But then, I saw this bag:

Noni Nomad Bag - click the link to buy the pattern.

I thought, what’s one little pattern? It’s just a piece of paper. I’ll fold it up and carry it around with me, and never actually bring it into the apartment. Oh, also, I guess I need the handles/findings, too. Maybe something like this:

Jul Silk Road Explorer. Click the link to see/buy all her designs.

Okay, done. Oh, but wait – which box did I put that all that Cascade 220 in… Curses! I am weak. I’m afraid all the money I save by moving may end up being spent on yarn. Good news is my new place will be so small, I’ll definitely have to knit and sew everything in my stash just to keep from being a candidate for Hoarders.


Geez, I am so, so tired and sleepy, but progressing on the packing. Saw the dearest new place (I hope) today. It’s about 1/3 of the space I have now, but it’s also 1/3 the price. And, it’s cute. It’s cute like from a magazine cute. Cross your fingers for me.

I’m not sure how I’ll work it out – culling lots of stuff from my current abode (hovel), but I keep finding more every time I open a closet or a drawer. I have 10 boxes labeled either “fiber” or “craft”. It’s becoming clear to me that I need to make “creating” something I do for a living. I’ll get right on that!