Lena will be missed


Welcome back

o posting for a couple of days while I worked some stuff (and by stuff, I mean, ugly, ugly, shite) out around the old homestead. Moving is happening, physically and to a new career, I believe. But, my old life won’t let loose its hooks from my hide.

I’m thinking that by this time tomorrow, I will have either said something to someone that makes my departure a given, or something will have been said to me that makes me glad there are no personal effects in my cubicle. We’ll see. Either way, I see happy (and California?) on the horizon.

Send me some good vibes, prayers, or just a giggle. I’m about to leap. Namaste, friends.

This is what I mean

Oh, patterns are flying around my brain, and some of them are making it to paper, but what’s missing? Making the layouts pretty and appealing. I talked to someone at work today who may be able to help me out. We’ll see. I know it’s important to be able to see the finished garment in real life, but I’d love to figure out a way to incorporate this style into the instructions, too:

From Recipe Look - Click to see more beauties.

I like the hand-drawn, friendly style — cute, but not too twee, right?

Chicago Knitting Love

Don’t get me wrong, I love Loopy Yarns and go there often – it’s close to work, and there are several cutie-pie places nearby to pop in for a glass of wine before you shop (after is better, though. Clear head and all.)

That said, I’m all for supporting all our local shops, as Lucky Penny says: ” It’s important to support your local enterprises. Without our support, they go away. As much as I like internet shopping, for my yarns and fabrics, I seek out what’s available locally first.” She has a point!

This weekend, I think I might stop in Knit 1 and check it out. I’m not bringing my debit/credit cards, only cash. And, only a little bit of cash … they can always put my purchases on hold while I go get more money.


Heartbreaking and shocking, these pictures of the oil spill in the gulf, making its way to Louisiana. If ever there were a time for prayer… well, there have been so many this year, I guess. This is one more.

From the Boston Globe. Click for the photo series.