Just In Time

Presented without comment, except this one:  Yes, please.

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Today is Little Friday!



Tracee Ellis Ross says that’s the hashtag she’d use to describe herself.  After watching this, I agree.  She is amazing, too.

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Thought for Little Friday

The week behind was kind of rough, and the coming week looks to be no less cumbersome.  I don’t know about you, but I could use some encouraging thoughts.  Imagine my delight when I saw this in my feed today:

And all at once,summer collapsedinto fall.

I’ve just ordered her book to bring with me on next week’s travels.  I think it should be terrific company!  Happy Little Friday!

A little bit

An airplane hat (as in started on the plane, finished at the hotel.  That’s all I’ve got this gloomy Monday.  Looking forward to a slow walk with Russell Jenkins and Peanutbutter, a bike ride, some catching up with work emails and a couple hours of knitting to reintroduce myself to a regular work-week!  Happy Monday!

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About that apron

So, nope.  I didn’t even look for fabric to make it.  This week, though!  All those straight seams mean I’ll be done in a jiffy — at least in time to sport a Make.Do.-made apron at crafty supermarket/crafty bastards.  What I did do was:

First, I sewed in a zipper by hand on a knitted cardigan.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.04.14 PM

Note the matching booties.  Sometimes, I get the fever  I completely forgot to knit a zipper band, but had done a garter stitch edge on each side of the zipper, so I think it worked fine.  I’ll get to practice again when I make another one for this little fella’s big brother.

Then, I seamed up some slipper socks.  These are so simple and fun to make, especially because I get to use up the random ends of good yarn that aren’t enough for a big project.  The pink and cream ones are wool (pink) and CASHMERE (cream).  #treatyoself

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Then, I started the Purl Soho Trellis Scarf.

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This is going to be a slow one that I do intermittently.  The yarn (Madeline Tosh) is significantly finer gauged than the pattern calls for, and the needles are US#4, I think. That’s a lot of small-ish knitting for a 62″ long, 12″ wide scarf.  I’ll have this on the needles for a while in between more slippers, booties, hats and… those quilts!  I almost forgot about the quilts.  It’s going to be a busy month!

A little sewing

I’ve finished 4 pairs of slippers and one baby tunic, so I think it’s okay if I go back to sewing for a while.  Those quilts aren’t going to bind themselves.  But, just as a little reward for my hard work, I’m adding one knitting-related sewing project to the mix:


Because I need a good apron/smock.  With pockets.  To carry my knitting.  Oh, don’t judge.  Happy Little Friday Eve!


You Are Amazing

This is my little sister.  She left her professorship at Fordham, and now has a joint appointment in Anthropology and African American Studies.  At Yale.  She’s terrifically smart and gifted … and she’s grateful and humble about where she is, who she is and how she gives.  Yesterday was her first day teaching.

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I hope the world is ready for the change she’s going to bring.  Happy Little Friday!