Monkey See, Monkey Fat

I’m getting ready to be offline, to get ready for my presentation “Corporate Communications Strategies — FCC Regulation & Response”. I know it sounds like dullsville, but I actually think it is going to start some good discussion in the group (provided I got the target right!). I’ll be back with news of the outcome this weekend.

In the meantime, today, Burger King introduced a new omelet sandwich. Would you like to know what’s in it? Okay, here it goes:

  • Two eggs
  • Sausage
  • Three strips of bacon
  • Two slices of American (blech!) cheese
  • A bun

Would you like to know what else is in it? You’ll be sorry:


The thing is, I bet it’s greasolicious, and I kind of want one right now, since I just had yogurt for lunch, but I think Hardee’s already stole the “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em” positioning with it’s enormoburger. McDonald’s, meanwhile, is busy getting healthy, Taco Bell is cheap and friendly … spaces are filling up. What should the BK do?




Zico! is some delicious drink. I don’t even like coconuts that much, but this 99.9% coconut water is 100% awesome. In all honesty, I bought it because the little package it comes in is so cute — I just thought it was water. I’m so American. Put it in a shiny, pretty or pink box, bag or crate, and I’ll take two, thank you very much. No wonder I’m broke!

Oh, my

So, I volunteer at at animal shelter, cleaning cages, staffing adoption events, etc. one or two days a month. I can’t do fostering right now, because I am not home enough to provide good care, but I just got an email today re: dogs needing foster (so they’re not euthanized because the shelter is full). This dog is too cute not to be adopted. Somebody better get her:


Sweet, sweet, sweet. And, look how cute. Unconditional love in that little package? You’d be a fool not to take her home with you.


Today is the day I get motivated — spring is here, rebirth and rejuvenation is upon me! No more bad food, bad habits, bad attitude. Just fun, fun, fun, all the time!


Uptown is opening on April 15th. Gina at Ginagraphics did a great job on the logo — one more revision, and we’ll be good to go. And, Olive is up and running — three clients! No money yet, but whatever, it’s fun anyway, and it’s not costing me anything. So, these are things to be thankful for and that provide some relief from an otherwise mundane life on 120th Street.

Speaking of 120th Street, did you know there was something called Rap Snacks? I saw an empty package on the street when I was walking Lou this morning. Thank the Lord for Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Yoga to act as a counter to high-fat, high-calorie, low-nutrition foods marketed to people of color. It’s a good bet, these aren’t available in Whole Foods.



Whew. I’m just saying.


So bad! I had all these plans for how I could fix my life in 24 hours, but I was a lazy slob today. Lou and I went to the park, then I got a coffee, came home and did the Rodney Yee (easier than Hemalaya Behl) yoga tape for 30 minutes. How can I be sweating like a pig when all I’m doing is breathing and stretching? Pitiful. And, speaking of pitiful, I got the weirdest direct mail piece today. It was addressed to The Family at my address. It was a brochure for an outfit that sells “skirmish weekends” to families, where you go out in the woods and shoot each other with paintballs, in camoflauge, on courses with names like “The Hood”! I’m NOT KIDDING. You can also have a BBQ or kid’s birthday party at their facility. This does not seem very family to me, and I spent the last 4 years in ham-loving, deer-hunting, peanut-eating Virginia. I’m country, y’all. But this? Kind of weird.

In Lou news, only one person asked me if he was a wolf today. He was an old man, dressed to the nines, with a snappy cane and he said, “Hey, girl, is that a wolf?” I said, “Why would I have a wolf as a pet?” He said, “You know how black folks are.” He made my day! We both broke up laughing. I told him Lou was a coyote, rottweiler, pit-bull mix. So funny.

I’m also still working on the linear regression model for the bones — it’s hard because we don’t take the same route all the time, so going back through the data to figure out where the propensity for bone sighting-eating is is a challenge. Can you say procrastination? I surely don’t feel like putting together two slide decks for what turns out to be some anciillary off-site presentation at the WOMMA conference. At least I’ll get to see my old alma mater. Go Maroons!